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A Quick Note

Mostly, this is a site that is easy to use, change and talk about things I like a lot. Generally, made to be frivolous & fun! Still, will have some things responsible parents may wish to be aware of when available free or just takes a bit of pre-thought. Have lots of freebies Sirah (AKA Momma) collected online prior to BittyBonk that she wants to share! We tend to leave most posts able to accept non-LiveJournal.com User comments- just click on `Gimme a Bump?` and leave me a note. Most Bumpz go right to my email so we know to respond or 'unhide' the comment if needed. Also, the words under the word "TAGZ", when clicked, sort this journal's entries according to subject- so you can go right to what interests you! Please come look around, pick up some Petz, have a play date, give me a hug on my profile, and go home better for it!
Some of the interests indulged here:
Kid friendly games & sites, Petz I () -4 & 5 games that still look like PFMagic
Since, I had to get into this account to remember the password I have decided that the cute but overly outdated profile information MUST go. Hobbies and interests of the toddler have changed and the Manchild should have a LJ profile that reflects that to keep friends and family updated. especially since he plays with Trains, dirt and water more often than petz now.

I'll post the old one here for posterity sake. But, ignore it completely as it was all geared towards my son's interest in Petz 4 & 5 and thinking about having a website to post the bred petz from the game. My son barely opens the program anymore and I lost interest after a bad personal loss.

& since it's HIS blog! Here's KMEM with his two cents!
Mom! Let ME talk now... okay, umm, P.F.Magic was the bomb! Duh! My mama has loved and owned at least Petz 1 & Caz 3 but may also have or will purchase 2. Tho' originally she was pretty resentful of the need for a microphone to train Petz 4 now anything to get me to talk clearly will work as far as she's concerned!
If you take home one of my bred Petz please keep Locito or Locita in the show name (o is for male & a is for female). I rarely show my Petz, but as people have asked, I think just keeping your Petz a 'little bit crazy' in the prefix works for me! My favorite toy is a fisher-price Laugh & Learn lawnmower- I got it for my 1st birthday from Uncle Tony's sis as revenge for Poppa giving my god-sister Samantha a Talking Grill.<< I think it broke a gear a few months back but now I am moving on to Uncle Tony's gift which I will talk about when I have decent pixz.

I've already picked out a doily that mom has been trying to make without me locating & unraveling. Not yet figured out how to make it a large size without buckling... mmm... uh... I like being cute & I actually want to eat my fruits & vegetables!

Petz 4+ files and petz for Adoption & a good free filehoster: http://tinyurl.com/2z9u3j

I'm a Petz Photographer- so, lemme hit that space bar 1!!!1 Mom can occasionally convince me not to hit the space bar again & get a good name listed but most are labeled with numbers.
My Petz related images: Are being moved to a NEW Photobucket account! Now that Photobucket allows members to designate Public, private & password protected accounts we shall be group moderating a new one with a new name soon!<< duh didn't happen due to a miscarriage that totally deranged my thinking and focus.

That's my speech for now... this Meebo.com Widget will allow you to talk to me directly. *v*

OMG! See this? Posted just 'cuz I want one!

Petz Sites ~ Image links

Oct 17:
We just applied to be listed at the Petz Yellow Pages!

P-T Success!

At 9:15 am this morning, K-Boy not only used a potty to pee (able to do that easy for a while), got a pull-up onto his legs on his own and ran around butt-nekkid without causing any messes....

He pooped in the training potty! Then stood up and eyed me smuggly. Very precious to me, since I was worried he'd never poop in a potty. He really worked at it too with his little jiggling on the potty... very thrilled he was willing to work at it and not just half-heartedly try like he has for so long. He even put his pull-up up on his ankles while doing all this!

Bribery worked where nothing else has, lol! 1 small Peanut M&M for peeing, 2 for going for the potty without prompting (he hasn't noticed that I haven't paid out for that for this morning yet-- but it might be a 'after your first pull-up of the day is on your butt' thing) and a staggering-- and caused his eyes to get greedy-glittery when I told him-- 4 M&M Peanut's for pooping in a/the potty. Yesterday was mostly reinforcing that he didn't get the M&M's without showing me something in the potty first. I even got vindictive and after having to rush to the bathroom at the library for a No. 2 trip and showing him how everythng went into the toilet I told him I got 4 M&M's when we got home. Then when we got home, I showed the m&m's to him before making a big deal of stuffing them all in my face and enjoying them, ha! I told him I got them only because I used the potty without making a mess. Prodding with aan edge to it seems to always push him over to the next stage.

And now M&M stain has been purposefully drooled on the floor... may have to work on this system a bit before calling it a true success. But, he will be getting a Cars-themed portable-attachment seat for the big toilets by delivery this week and that should make things come along nicely.
In trying to participate fully with Duke's Group (see Sheila, Clive Reese, DG or DGPG tagged entries for more details)
I decided I needed an earlier version of Petz than 5 (Ubisofts current Petz 2 IS NOT what I mean- that is #D & not at all compatible or similar to the fan-base I share Petz with)
It is quite easy to find the 3 components to install for a complete copy of Petz 4 to work with current computers. (Now there is fan love-- making ways to for brand spanking new uber-comps to play 1990-1998 released games!)

The following included from VirtualLifeForum.com (a great place to talk & ask help with favorite computer creatures):
"Petz 3/4 .pet files are interchangeable...
(so long as you have the breeds, obviously)

You can download Petz 4 demo from ...

..install the 4.2 patch and you get the full game." << Via DMWright a Virtual Game GOD http://www.dmwright.com/ << for links to petz.ws, babyz.ws, oddballz.ws, virtual petz tours for 3 & 4, & still more!

Then Minibyte chimed in:
"You don't need a microphone to train petz in Petz 4. Just reward with petting and with treats. I never used a microphone. Many people reported that Via Voice never worked properly in the game. So, don't worry about a mike.

Petz 3 petz will work in Petz 4 and Petz 4 petz will work in Petz 3. HOWEVER, if you put a Petz 3 pet or a Petz 4 pet into Petz 5, Petz 5 will modify the file and the pet will no longer work in either Petz 3 or Petz 4.

For Duke's Group you don't really need both Petz 3 and Petz 4. The Petz 3 pet will work just fine in your Petz 4 game. Just pop them into the Adopted Petz folder. The files will not be changed by the game and will still work in your friend's Petz 3 game.

Creations hosted by Carolyn, Judy and Sue at these URL's:

I love the moderators @ VLF!

The final step is to install Nickolas Sherlock's Petza program which he hosts with many other programs for Petz hexxers here:

Of Course, one of the important features of Petza is the ability to control game speed... think of the numbers as indication of the strength of gravity. Low numbers means fast petz & high numbers will weigh down petz & allow you to pet them. I finally figured out that maybe my petz are running at a slightly high speed- explains why I never could catch a lone pet who did not want to get put away!

For Vista users the 'help' feature in-game will not work due to the fact that the usual help application (.dll) was not installed or planned to be supported on the Vista Operating System. This is fixed by identifying the missing .dll from error messages and forcing the MSN website to locate it for download. Two files are available for download & honestly don't remember which one I installed-- it probably was the one with the larger number in the name. The Microsoft website does not bother to explain what the difference might be.
I still have not found what would make the help files in Petza work but am researching it &
-- unlike MS programs-- Petza's creator is public & approachable for questions directly. more details will be provided later.

Valentine's -- Belatedly

I am having difficulty at this time with being online due to a hideous cough & feeling dizzy when sitting up for long periods of time. Also, wrangling a growing boy is getting difficult faster than I expected for a 21 month old boy. 
So, Please -- Enjoy the song... I loved the funny boy who helped make the song infamous. It really makes me think of what I will paint when I get a chance.

Too all the PETZ FANS who bother to come by... Really Truly sorry for the belated update... sometimes real life gets stranger than fiction & sometimes you WISH real life was just fiction.
 I WILL be creating a wedding for Parker & his bride Sara.
 I WILL also write back to Minibyte, Noelle and about 2 or 3 forum managers to deal with other issues that have popped up since my convalescence. 

In the category of blargh & not really important to anyone but my family::
Arm & Hammer Fresh'n'Soft dryer sheets in the pretty flowered box makes everyone itch & gives me a hideous skin-splitting rash. Having blankets laundered with it also forced me to rely on antihistamines to regain the ability to breathe & now I'm on Cipro to combat an infection that was most likely caused by having underthings dried with the pretty wildflower-scented sheets. Threw me into spring cleaning mode which got to look really bad until my hired neat freak showed up & helped me restore sanity.

I did not post anything actually on Valentine's since one of my Aunts died on that day. She was a real Matriarch & truly what I want to become if I have any say in it.
Then the next day my 19 year old cat Kanga died... prior to my getting any sound bites that I could convert into catz sounds. Since she died at my dad's veterinary hospital I was unaware of her passing for several days... it seems cowardice runs in the family. He didn't want to tell me at all & when I guessed all I did was snort & request that I get her back for burial. She got returned in a doubled up baggy in a pretty wooden box just as grey as her fur ever was. About 2/3rds of her remains are buried under her favorite window in the front flowerbed. That was the day I cried...

But, right now real life has not only stolen but beaten to a bloody pulp my last straw of hope and sanity doesn't want anything to do with me either. 

      Can anyone point me to the button that lets me restart this hideous year? So far, my friends in Homeland Security tell me that their most recent attempts to create a working time machine does not work & they do not forsee a time when they would hire me since I am a horrible gossip.... Rats, I was hoping being a nosey busybody would make me a great asset for counter-terrorism.


My net interactions go something like this:
Get up woken by the boy

tell him not to hop on his father & "go out front"... we sort of jostle in the hallway to keep him from invading family rooms, bathrooms & such...
Then we end up at the "gate" that keeps him out of everything but the front common room. HE makes a beeline for whatever he wants to do... usually hitting the really exposed VistaComp 'ON' button... & we attempt to enjoy being awake at a time before I ever was awake before he was born without getting paid to do that!

I also have 3 other types of computers that I can access with various states of permission/features I can work with... My dad's newly-installed msXP that crashed for X-mas & killed lots of unbacked-up crochet patterns that were not publically available as far as I know (except in this betablog I've found)... it had a different operating system before but not sure I could tell ya what.

Treads softly in & uploads the great wonder that is in charge of Droolworthy Petz & also the really new thing he created a contest for in PCG.

Sorry that the images didn't transfer properly to LJ, I did not know cut and paste in posts here could bandwidth jump.
I bring you CHI - a young god of hex & gentle soul goodness (I gotta display some of my hexxies! He made my fav!) 


Download Center-- available petz

I have always enjoyed Petz ever since Catz the original... but now I have a 16 mo boy who loves to death my real cats and dogs. When I found Petz 5 on the store shelf I simpered at the hubby and we got it. However, having a baby photographer when playing makes it difficult to do much so I am putting up for adoption/ download some of the Petz that I can not care for now that my Barking Chickens (first things Ken picked) are breeding madly! The only thing I teach my petz is to clump up and share petting or brushings.

I found a free filehosting site Mediafile.com so all files are already there:

Here is a family of Calico and mixed breed based Catz... all have no need of special files. However, Jelica and Jerry (adult b3 from summer meltdown '07) ARE a couple... please take them as a pair. all the cats have normal hidden teeth and balanced forms. Surprisingly, Jerry seems to have original Alley Cat in his background so he and his sons continually get sick or have fleas. I suggest that you have Petza or hex them healthy. ( http://www.sherlocksoftware.org/page.php?id=4 )
Otherwise, Jerry makes a good dad... he recieved his Happy Pet Certificate walking into the nursery the day the kittens were born. {winky}
Okay, enough background -- have some Catz:
Jelica is an Adoption Center Calico- her eyes are green & she is a Soup-n-Leftovers cat. She is available pregnant w/ the litter pictured:

or after having the 4 kittens:

Jerry the mixed breed is a lovely multi-generation pale cat with startling blue eyes:

For the kittens please look at the family pic above ^^^
Rouse is a just like his father w/ pink eyes --
Micah is a mini version of Jerry w/ blue or green eyes--
Brot has a white tail with only one dot of brown but the rest of him looks just like Jelica but w/ pink eyes --
Albie is all white except for the brown eyelids w/ pink eyes so not quite an albino & grows up to have a kinked Alley Cat tail--

Parker the Mutt was Ken's first adoption... I just wanted to see if 'boy turbulent' responded to dog noises. he is currently wearing the viking helmetI put Parker away when we started breeding Barking Chickens (so never returned) because he continually fought with the cats and never was willing to share in scritch piles... He just doesn't stand politely close to any of my catz. I just don't like dogz so one that picked fights with catz couldn't stay in the crew. He also is a picky eater and needs to have his food wet down (use the kitchen sink) before he will eat non-snack food!

Get Parker here: http://www.filecrunch.com/file/~li7xu5

Since it snuck into the picture I also made a copy of Bubble my blue w/ brown/beige dots fishie... think the gender uploaded was male. Bubble is a Carolyn Horn fishie so go to her site & get the file to play with him in your game: http://boardwalkerz.com/carolyn/index1.htm

Email me at SirahOracle[at]gmail.com if you want your new Petz a certain age or a change in gender. Please drop me a line if you successfully breed the kittens or any of the catz win a show. I don't have the patience to keep petz for showing or just to breed.
(~= Take care & enjoy the petz! 


Manen Loverz ~*Work In Progress*~

This post is for Petz fans of Vickie's Petz Zoo breedfile Manen Wolf (Often noted as VPZ Wolf) located: http://www.geocities.com/vbpetcrew/id4.htm & http://www.angelfire.com/moon2/petzzoo2/id39.htm
VPZ Wolf (unwinged & no jewelry): http://www.angelfire.com/moon2/mainecoon/id26.html

For those who do not know what Manens are, well, let's let Vickie explain it....

(Please be nice, some sites were hard to understand so I just posted where the Manens show up & I still don't know how to convince LJ to make clickable buttons in a general posting. Will share the technique when mastered!)
Fellow Manen Loverz I have found so far are listed here:

does not work & no working way to contact owner: http://virtualkitty.50megs.com/photo_2.html



For p5'ers Kalismara has mucho manen love!

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picture of various 4Kids lineup shows
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Sheila's First Room

Introducing Shelia's Room! Made by Daniela from the Babyz Nursery & available at Minibyte's Archive

I decided if I was going to deal with a pet without ever using Petza I'd really enjoy myself.