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December 20th, 2006

Welcome to 2006 December 20th



You found my Santa Hunt 2007 coupon offer!

Santa Hunt 2007 Coupon

You have arrived!

Bookmark us now OR lose your sanity!

This concludes your current participation in the 2007th Santa Hunt. Good job getting here! I

So, I am gonna do something crazy & new just for you. I'm gonna let you cull me for information & tips gained from living in California, USA. I live a well-protected cyber existence with some pretty easy to mimic ideas... & I'm tired of people saying they "lost their files." Here in Earthquake Country we know how to detach from personal possessions & utilize the Cybering Lifestyle-- Will be demo'ing 'stuffage' all year teaching you how to help your petz outlive your current computer.

(I have working filez & records that I have compiled since creating my Pahgan Cyber-Name for AOL version 1.0!!)

PFMagic AfterParty!!!!

Here you can experiment with my messy little entry. Delectableness & Shtuffage gonna be added here!

Journal Default is the setting on the comments (AKA Bump Me!) to practice what you can do in your own options. This 'Thematic Collection of Customizations' I have named "GhostBumpz" since it is a layout form Lj's Halloween section & I used the icon I found to go with it to teach my son 'Pumpkin'. Which I KNOW I just heard on the baby monitor so it's time to get him from the hubbie who is still recovering from the first trip to a dentists office in over a decade. End Result: 6 teeth extracted & much $$$ to be spent later.
SO, while I will have to miss out on lj paid account goodness (like the ability to come back & edit your *!@&#%#* comment on blog entries- as I exploit I most forums) their baner included option is kinda nice.

& seems to be working just the way it should.
So, finally a shoutout to Feyriku who rocked my world with a free cat!!!!
It was a great pick me up to find her sleek goddness' self in my hotmail ~spam collector~ account.